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Launch Date


The Model Volleyball Tournament takes places once a year in Miami Beach between 7th and 8th on the oceanfront. The free open to the public event features the cities top model agencies, as well as some of the top professional volleyball players across the world, competing in a co-ed beach volleyball tournament. These top agencies include Next, CGM, Elite, MC2, Mega, Front, BMG Runways, 2BC, K2, DAS & Dorothy Combs.

The battle consists of a bracket-style competition where teams compete against one another in a round robin format & day two is double elimination. Teams compete for a unique global ambassador charity trip to Haiti alongside the Jack Brewer Foundation.

After completing it’s 9th tournament, Model Volleyball has grown to see nearly 15,000 attendees over the two day event. Some notable guests have included Dwayne Wade, Chanel Iman, James Marsden, Jamie Foxx, Rob Gronkowski, Geoff Stults, Cedric Gervais, Omar Miller, Cedric the Entertainer, Hassan Whiteside, Rohan Marley, Andrea Denver, River Viiperi, Calvin Klein, Reggie Bush, along with performances by Jamie Foxx, DNCE and Travis Scott.


Next stop: Venice Beach slated for Sept 29, 2018












The Jack Brewer Foundaiton

Jack Brewer, five-year National Football League (NFL) veteran and founder/CEO of The Brewer Group, Inc., established The Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF Worldwide) to empower women and children living in impoverished and underdeveloped communities by enabling food security; promoting access to education and cultural exchanges; assisting in medical aid and disaster relief; and building peace. Through its Global Ambassadors Program, JBF Worldwide mobilizes professional athletes and celebrities to use sport as a catalyst in order to provide resources and opportunities to the world’s most underserved populations. JBF Worldwide actively works to “Empower From Within.” For more information about The Jack Brewer Foundation, please visit www.jbfworldwide.org or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

iHeart Media

iHeart Radio will be joining Model Volleyball 2016 with three diverse sister stations; Y-100, 103.5 The Beat & Mega 94.9! IHM Miami WHYI, WMIB AND WMGE – engages with 2.5 million consumers weekly on 7 local radio stations, 2 HD channels – everywhere they are (approximately 70% of the market). We are Miami’s Millennial Cluster with a portfolio of diverse brands and audiences. Our unmatched capabilities and assets deliver innovative, effective marketing campaigns for advertisers, strategic partners, music labels and artists.


2018 Sponsors

Interested in sponsoring in Model Volleyball? Contact us and we'll be in touch.


Internet/ Social Media Impressions

Follow us on our social media accounts at @ModelVolleyball










Model Volleyball Miami

Located Oceanfront between 7th and 8th  in Miami-Dade on the Atlantic Ocean in South Beach. When redesigned and improved in the mid-1980s, it became the seed project for the redevelopment of what is now the Ocean Drive Deco District of SoBe (South Beach) from 5th to 15th Streets along Ocean Drive. The Miami Beach park initially became the location for many scenes from the television series “Miami Vice,” and its 20′ wide Deco inspired three colored sidewalk, now faded to natural concrete, was the North American homage to Brazilian Landscape Architect Roberto Burle Marxs oceanfront walk along Copacabana Beach near Rio de Janeiro.

The Miami Beach park, and the Deco streetscape along Ocean Drive continues to be featured in “Miami” location shots for television and movies, and can be seen in recent episodes of the USA Networks “Burn Notice”.

Corporate Headquarters

Model Volleyball

Contact Us: olivia@modelvolleyball.com